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What are the benefits of MPC wallets?
Using MPC technology for wallets offers several advantages, including eliminating the need to trust third parties, enhanced data privacy, increased accuracy, the removal of single points of failure, increased difficulty for hackers, and reduced reliance on cold storage.
Eliminate Third-Party Trust
Data can be shared in a distributed manner without any third parties.
Increased Data Privacy
Data is encrypted at rest and in transit so no private information is revealed or compromised.
Reduced Reliance on Cold Storage
Users can only hold their assets online and no longer need cold-storage devices.
Removal of SPOF
Private keys are not stored in one single place.
Increased Hacking Difficulty
A hacker would need to attack multiple parties across systems and locations.
We makes crypto accessible
Utilizing next-gen security encryption technology MPC instead of mnemonic phrases or private keys.
Onboard in seconds
Simple login via phone number. No seed phrases or extensions necessary.
All features are free to use, so enjoy free chat and transfer services with family and friends.
Social recovery
In extreme cases, the emergency contact can help you log back into the wallet and avoid losing assets.
Mixin Messenger uses encryption and MPC technology to protect user assets.
Supporting multiple chains
We support popular L1 and L2 blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polygon.
Compare Wallets
Our solution is decentralized, safer, stronger and cheaper.
MPC vs other Crypto walletsMPC walletMultisig walletHot walletCold wallet
Removes Risk of sPOF
Data Privacy
Reduce Risk of Hacking
Frequently Asked Questions
Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find your answers here.
What is MPC wallet?
An MPC wallet is a cryptocurrency and digital asset wallet that uses multi-party computation to offer strong security guarantees to individuals, firms, financial institutions, and governments that manage digital assets.
Is MPC wallet free?
Mixin's MPC wallet (Mixin Messenger) can be used for free.
What is the difference between MPC wallet and multisig wallet?
Although both have effective single-point fault exclusion, MPC wallets have only one private key, and multisig wallets require multiple private keys to use, which is more complicated.
How do I back up my MPC wallet?
Just remember your 6-digit PIN code. You can also set up an emergency contact to help you recover your wallet.
How do I recover my MPC wallet?
You can regain control of your MPC wallet through an emergency contact and a 6-digit PIN code.
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