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All-in-one wallet suite for comprehensive asset management
Since 2017, we have supported 48 blockchains and 2200+ tokens, including Ethereum-compatible layer 1 and layer 2 networks.
All-in-one product and service
Rich bot ecology meets various needs such as trading, fixed investment, earning coins, options, etc.
Read-only authorization prevents stolen assets from malicious approvals.
No need to install/uninstall, no storage used, directly open and use.
Purchase products or services in any cryptocurrency with no fees.
Support to interact with bots via flexible interfaces and conversations.
The seamless authentication and notification make the PX complete.
The bots provide information, trading, games, tools, you name it.
Frequently Asked Questions
Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find your answers here.
What chains does Mixin support?
Mixin supports 48 popular public chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and protocols such as ERC20 and TRC20.
How to exchange assets?
Search for 7000101276 in Mixin Messenger to use ExinOne's flash exchange and order placement functions.
How to mortgage and borrow?
Search for 7000104159 in Mixin Messenger to use Pando Rings' mortgage and borrowing functions.
How to invest regularly?
Search for 7000101276 in Mixin Messenger to use ExinOne's regular investment function.
When using some bots, I am often asked to authorize, will there be security issues?
Mixin Messenger's asset-related authorization is designed as read-only permission, and your assets will not have security issues, but there may be privacy issues. Your transfer records and balances can be accessed by these bots in an authorized manner.
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