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Sleep soundly knowing your bitcoin are secure
Take control of your bitcoin in the safest way possible with our multisig vaults.
Two-of-three custody
A total of three keys control your vault, with two of those keys required to approve a spend.
You hold two of your keys
With two keys, you're in total control of your bitcoin. Keep each key in a separate location.
We secure a recovery key
With only one key, we can't move your bitcoin, but we can collaborate to move bitcoin if you lose a key.
Own Your Coins
A non-custodial wallet, you control your private keys.
Multisig Management
Most Bitcoin losses occur due to poor management of private keys. If you want to store Bitcoins for a long time, a multisig wallet is essential. Our design of multisig significantly improves this situation: The Bitcoin address is controlled by 3 private keys, with the owner and members jointly controlling 2 of the 3 keys.
Approval Process
Every transaction requires approval from the members and owner to take effect. Suspicious transactions are rejected during the approval process.
Simple Collaboration
Complexity brings risks. Your family, friends, and colleagues do not need specialized knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Through secure and private communication in Mixin Messenger, they can participate in asset management securely with a 6-digit PIN code. By setting emergency contacts, the risk of single point of failure is further reduced.
Asset Segregation
Our multi-safe design helps you achieve asset segregation. You can create multiple safes for different purposes and set different members for each safe. With asset segregation, different members only have access to their designated safes, further enhances the privacy and security of your assets.
Frequently Asked Questions
Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find your answers here.
Why is Mixin Safe safer than a single hardware wallet?
Mixin Safe's multi-signature and timelock technology effectively avoid single point of failure problems such as loss and damage of a single hardware wallet device while maintaining decentralization, thereby greatly improving the security of the wallet.
What exactly does the decentralized MPC network in Mixin Safe refer to?
The decentralized MPC network (Safe Network) in Mixin Safe shares validators and security with Mixin Network. Mixin Network is a PoS network composed of 25 pledged full nodes. It has been running stably for more than 5 years and has more than $1B total value secured.
If Mixin Safe team dissolves, can I still withdraw my assets?
Yes, your assets are still safe. You can withdraw assets at any time through your wallet private key and the decentralized MPC network. Even if Mixin Safe team is disbanded, your assets are safe in your hand.
If my private key is lost and the security time lock has expired, can the Mixin Safe team take away my assets?
No, Mixin Safe team only has 1 key, that is insufficient to move your assets unless you have set up a recovery or inheritance plan.
Is Mixin Safe a custodial wallet?
No, Mixin Safe is a decentralized non-custodial multi-signature wallet solution.
What is the difference between a traditional MPC wallet and Mixin Safe?
Mixin Safe combines MPC, hardware wallet, multi-signature, and timelock technology, which fully benefits from the advantages of each technology while abandoning the related drawbacks.
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