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Get your multisig transactions signed and executed fast
Stop wrangling signers, squinting at addresses, and spending hours creating transactions. Start executing fast.
Multi-Safe Collaboration
Safely manage large sums of money by segregating and allocating them for different custodians through multi-safe use cases.
Create multiple vaults with different purposes, each configured with distinct custodial modes, for instance: requiring the agreement of 2 out of 3 vault custodians for any asset expenditure.
Safe Collaboration
Safe collaborators can securely participate in Safe management without the need for specialized skills. Multiple Safe collaborators are assigned to each vault, and an emergency contact is set up to prevent single points of failure.
No Collusion Risk
All transactions require joint signatures from the Safe owner and collaborators to become effective, preventing collaborators from conspiring to steal assets.
Notification Service
Quickly approve and execute your multi-signature transactions.
Crafted Notifications
Login to Safe dashboard, create a Safe, be set as a co-signer, approve transactions, recover Safe, etc. All related people will receive notifications, and the content of the notifications is clear at a glance.
Repeated Notifications
Repeated notifications will be sent automatically by Mixin Messenger and SMS bot until your transaction is executed, so you don't need to manually remind the co-signers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find your answers here.
What is custodial approval?
Custodial approval refers to jointly managing asset with your family, friends, or colleagues, requiring partial or full custodial approval for each transfer to be completed.
How many collaborators can be set for managing assets in a single Safe?
Now you can set up to 10 people.
Can I manage my assets with Mixin Safe by myself?
Yes, you can manage assets through 2 or more devices, such as using a hardware wallet to manage private keys, and managing asset certificates through Mixin Messenger on your mobile phone. At the same time, it is recommended to set up an emergency contact for the account that manages the asset certificate, which can be another Mixin Messenger account.
Can I only manage private keys without participating in asset certificate management?
Yes, please find trusted family members, friends or team members to participate in the management of asset certificates.
Do collaborators who manage assets with me need to upgrade to a paid membership?
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