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How it Secures
We never invent our own cryptographic techniques.
Decentralized Network
We are the core developers of Mixin Kernel, a developer friendly network with lightning speed and zero transaction fee, all powered by decentralized nodes. We build all our products on Mixin Kernel, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular blockchains directly.
Decentralized Wallet
Mixin Safe and Mixin Messenger are self-custodial crypto wallets, with built-in multisig, MPC, time lock and other mature decentralized technologies. Your assets are always under your control.
Decentralized Apps
Based on our decentralized network and wallets, developers have built many popular products and services. These decentralized apps can serve trading, lending, payment and many other demands.
Based on decentralized networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and key sharding, combined with technologies such as multi-signature, smart contracts, time locks, MPC and end-to-end encryption, we provide you with a one-stop cryptocurrency service with security as the foundation.
Network Security
It is a developer friendly network with lightning speed and zero transaction fee, all powered by decentralized nodes.
Punitive PoS
Each Mixin Kernel node takes 12,000 XIN, which is approximate 2% of the network stake. The Kernel BFT consensus is secured by a strict punitive PoS, if a Kernel Node is determined to be an attacker, all its collateral will be recycled to the mining pool.
Mixin uses Intel SGX as the implementation of TEE to further enhance security. All full nodes must run in a trusted execution environment to ensure that the "running code" of the full node is indeed the "code it claims to be running", and no one can change the code running in the trusted execution environment without being noticed.
Light Witness
Mixin Light node is a simplified payment verification (SPV) node to Mixin Kernel. It typically stores all its unspent outputs for easy account balance query. The Light Witness will actively monitor the Mixin Kernel, and will be scheduled to vote automatically on the attacker appeals.
Wallet Security
A self-hosted crypto wallet with built-in mature decentralized technologies such as multi-signature, MPC, and time locks.
Cold Wallet Security
Mixin Safe is a multi-signature cold wallet based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other networks. It provides you with a secure multi-signature cold wallet service by combining multiple signatures, time locks, MPC, threshold signatures, segregated witness P2WSH, and hardware wallet technologies.
Technology Detail
Decentralized Recovery
Mixin Safe provides a decentralized recovery solution based on the Bitcoin network. You can set up a decentralized recovery plan for your wallet, and you can also help your friends recover their wallets.
Technology Detail
Service Security
Based on our decentralized network and wallets, developers have built many popular products and services.
Asset Segregation
User wallet assets and Dapp assets are isolated, and users can directly receive assets in their wallets after trading, lending, minting, etc.
Code audit
IOActive, LeastAuthority, and SlowMist and other audit companies participated in the audit of Dapp projects such as Lack and Rings.
Read-only authorization
Mixin Messenger's read-only authorization ensures that Dapps can launch personalized functions based on users, but cannot transfer users' assets.
DeFi whitelist
Mixin Safe's DeFi services insist on using DeFi whitelist strategy to help users reduce potential risks, such as high-risk authorization.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find your answers here.
Why is Mixin Safe safer than a single hardware wallet?
Mixin Safe's multi-signature and timelock technology effectively avoid single point of failure problems such as loss and damage of a single hardware wallet device while maintaining decentralization, thereby greatly improving the security of the wallet.
What exactly does the decentralized MPC network in Mixin Safe refer to?
The decentralized MPC network (Safe Network) in Mixin Safe shares validators and security with Mixin Network. Mixin Network is a PoS network composed of 25 pledged full nodes. It has been running stably for more than 5 years and has more than $1B total value secured.
If Mixin Safe team dissolves, can I still withdraw my assets?
Yes, your assets are still safe. You can withdraw assets at any time through your wallet private key and the decentralized MPC network. Even if Mixin Safe team is disbanded, your assets are safe in your hand.
If my private key is lost and the timelock expires, can Mixin Safe team take my assets?
No, Mixin Safe team only has 1 key, that is insufficient to move your assets unless you have set up a recovery or inheritance plan.
Is Mixin Safe a custodial wallet?
No, Mixin Safe is a decentralized non-custodial multi-signature wallet solution.
What is the difference between a traditional MPC wallet and Mixin Safe?
Mixin Safe combines MPC, hardware wallet, multi-signature, and timelock technology, which fully benefits from the advantages of each technology while abandoning the related drawbacks.
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